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 ===== About Programming and Linux ===== ===== About Programming and Linux =====
-would like to share codes and tutorials with programmersengineers and IT administration enthusiasts. +<WRAP center round important 60%> 
-You may use sitemap link or the links below to review the pagesNew contents will be added frequently. Codes are generally based on Python® programming tested on Debian ​and Windows operating systems. +Unfortunately hosting company corrupted my websites and recovered the site from a 3 years old backup. SorryI decided not to continue hosting this wiki anymoreI got some emails ​and discussion messages that I couldn'​t reply because of busy lifeI feel sorry about that. 
-> //"​Python"​ is registered trademark of the [[https://​|Python Software Foundation]]/​/+</WRAP>
-All the content is distributed under open source licenses shown on pages or in codes. 
-I always welcome new topic/​tutorial/​course suggestions and discussions. Do not hesitate to comment on pages. 
-<WRAP lo> 
-    If you want to add content to wiki for sharing your valuable knowledge with community, contact me. 
 {{indexmenu>:​|dsort rsort notoc nocookie skipns+/​wiki/​}} {{indexmenu>:​|dsort rsort notoc nocookie skipns+/​wiki/​}}
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