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PuTTY Tips

SSH Connection Sharing

If you use PuTTY alot and type passwords many times, this is for you. Enable SSH Connection sharing in PuTTY by checking the highlighted checkbox as shown. Do not forget to save the setting. After openning the first SSH connection with password or passphrase, etc. you will be able to open new connections through the first connection. When you close the first connection, other dependent connections will be lost as well.

Keep Connection Alive

Sometimes you lose the connection when there is a timeout defined by the remote side. But by enablingEnable TCP keepalives checkbox and entering a number greater than 0 into Seconds beetween keepalives, you can get rid of annoying connection losses.

Save/Load Session

When you want to create new session you should write the name of the session in the text box under Saved Sessions label and press the Save button. Loading a session is simply selecting the session name from the list box filled with session names and pressing the Load button.

If you do not press Save button, no changes are saved to active session. You can change any settings for a session without saving but pressing Open to connect with modified settings which will be specific to that connection.

Lines of Scrollback

Sometimes you want to be able to scroll back terminal window more than it is predefined in PuTTY. This setting is for you then.


Most of the time you need copy/paste operations. Copying is simply selecting any text. After selection operation is finished, selection is copied to clipboard automatically. Shift+Insert OR Right-Click pastes the text in clipboard at the cursor position.

Remote Command

PuTTY allows you execute a remote command and close the connection as shown. If you want to continue use terminal after executing remote command, adding ;bash or whatever shell you use like this echo test > /home/test.file ; bash helps you.

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