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 source ~/.bashrc source ~/.bashrc
 </​file>​ </​file>​
-Since [[python:​database:​cx_oracle:​howto1|cx_Oracle]] python module needs libaio package I install it too+Since ''​cx_Oracle'' ​python module needs ''​libaio'' ​packageI install it too
 <file bash> <file bash>
 aptitude install libaio1 aptitude install libaio1
 </​file>​ </​file>​
 You are ready to use the oracle instant client library. You are ready to use the oracle instant client library.
-{{tag>​alien rpm oracle_client instant_client instantclient}}+ 
 +If you need to install cx_Oracle python module, firstly, ORACLE_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables must be set like I set above, and secondly you must have ''​python-dev''​ and ''​python-pip''​ packages installed 
 +<code bash> 
 +aptitude install python-dev python-pip 
 +Then you can install cx_Oracle with ''​pip''​ 
 +<code bash> 
 +pip install cx_Oracle 
 +{{tag>​alien rpm oracle_client instant_client instantclient ​python cx_Oracle}}
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